What You Need To Know About Arthritis

The painful and often debilitating effects of arthritis affect millions of Americans. Understanding the disease can help you manage the symptoms. If you or someone you love has the disease, here are some important things to know.

Early Treatment

While there currently is no cure, treating the disease early can lessen its impact and progression. Arthritis treatment Jacksonville FL helps manage the pain associated with the disease. Physical therapy can help you gain strength. Lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and losing may be necessary.

Injury Risks

Joint injuries such as hips and knees in your younger years can increase your risk of having osteoarthritis in your senior years. Staying active keeps you strong and can keep the joints and supporting muscle strong. Sedentary lifestyles are generally bad for your well-being making staying active worth the risk.

Keep Moving

A sedentary lifestyle is probably not helping your arthritis symptoms. While it may be a challenge to find the right exercise program for you, there are many options available that don’t impact the joints as much. Keep moving with daily walking or ride a bike for short distances. Aquatic exercises are another valuable option.

Relief Options

Relief from symptoms may require switching between hot and cold treatments. Reduce the initial inflammation in your joints with ice. Then apply heat two days later to increase blood flow. Changing things up can increase the relief. Ibuprofen and stretching when the barometric pressure drops can aid with relief.

Complex Disease

One thing to keep in mind is that arthritis is a complex disease that doesn’t only affect the joints. There are over 100 different types of the disease with their own inherent traits. Not every treatment option works for every patient. Addressing the actual cause of the arthritis and its type can help you experience pain relief. Arthritis doesn’t have to keep you from living your life.