The Importance of Family Time


In this world of hectic schedules and multitasking, spending time with family seems to be a dwindling activity. This is unfortunate because spending time with family is an essential part of bonding, learning, and growth for all members of a family. This fading practice is a vital part of the heartbeat of every family.

Why is Family Time Important?
Family time is a period of time when most families bond and share the details of their lives with each other. This is essential for parents because they get to see what their children are interested in or involved with. This is also a perfect time to discuss any issues or problems that may need attention. Family time checks a lot of boxes. It’s family fun time, bonding time, conflict resolution time, and a whole host of other things. It’s also an intensely personal and authentic time for family culture because no two families are alike.

What Happens when Family Time Doesn’t Happen?
Families that don’t spend time together have a tendency to become disconnected over time. When you lose touch with anyone it’s hard to know what’s going on in their life, what they are feeling, and what they value or enjoy. In essence, they become a little bit like familiar strangers. In addition, it makes reconnecting with each other much more difficult and awkward.

How Can Family Time Become a Part of the Routine?
Family time has to be a regularly scheduled event, just like all the other essential events in a family’s schedule. We never get too busy to skip dinner time or bedtime. In a sense, family time is just as vital, yet in a different way. We need to eat to fuel our bodies, and we rest to restore our bodies. Family time is an essential part of keeping the family bond strong and healthy. It’s another essential event that simply can’t be skipped. The vital force of family time can be likened to a sick horse getting its cetyl m for horses (medication) in order to thrive and be as healthy as possible. Family time is an event that simply shouldn’t be skipped if you want to cultivate a healthy family environment.

Once we understand the impact of losing family time we begin to understand that it’s an essential event that should take place regularly. There is simply no substitute for spending time with each other.