The Career of Jim Plante Reveals True Potential for Investors and Entrepreneurs in Technology

Technology remains a field where the most ambitious and talented entrepreneurs can accomplish plenty of truly impressive things. Where some observers assume that the presence of giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft would make things difficult for newcomers, nothing could be further from the truth.

A look at the career path of an entrepreneur like Jim Plante will reveal that plenty of opportunities remain to be seized by those with the vision and the energy. Moving from one success to the next over the course of a now-long career, this is one of a number of entrepreneurs who have revealed how much can still be accomplished.

A Solid Grounding Leads to High Flying Successes Later On

Like quite a few other successful technology entrepreneurs and investors of recent times, Plante made sure to obtain an education that would equip with the skills needed to judge future opportunities with accuracy. His years at Southern Illinois University culminated in the obtaining of a diploma in Electrical Engineering, a field that comprehends everything from digital processors to industrial electrical systems.

After graduating, Plante supplemented work as a talented engineer with an increasing focus on finding and assessing technology related investment opportunities. By the time he was only thirty years old, he had lead the acquisition of one of the world’s leading designers of millimeter-scale radar safety equipment.

That success put him behind the President’s desk at Beltronics, a position from which he rapidly turned the foundering concern around. With profitability restored a mere twelve months after he took over, the young leader was able to guide the business toward an eventual sale that produced twelve-fold returns for investors.

Technology Covers Every Aspect of Modern Life, and Ambitious Investors Do the Same

With a significant record of success built up early on, he next participated in the founding of two successful startups. Generating even more impressive returns for their backers before long, these innovative businesses created plenty of value of other kinds, as well.

Since then, Plante has become best known for his role in founding and leading a top biotechnology company. Inspired by his father’s struggles with a genetic condition, the company has produced many significant breakthroughs and discoveries with plenty more likely to come.