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Law 101 and Everything in Between A lot of people have different viewpoints when you talk about the term ‘law’. But still, no matter how complicated the term is, there are those who want to get a good understanding of it. For starters, the term ‘law’ is a collection of rules that will guide the leaders of a certain place on how they must live and the people that live in such place. The law is made by the people for the people for their own sake and their rights so that they are assured that there will be some order in the place that they have considered to live their lives. There are a number of factors that affect how a person gets to live their life day by day, and this is why the law is divided into different facets to cater to each of these factors. Here are some of the most common kinds of law that you will get to encounter in your life.
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Contract law: When a particular issue arises needing two or more parties to make an agreement, this law will be the one that will legally bind them. Breach of contract happens when either of the parties will not be able to meet the terms that they have agreed upon in their contract.
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Property law: When it comes to your personal possessions or property, this will be the law that will make sure to protect your rights. When it comes to this law, not only are you given the right to own something but also you are protected from someone that claims to own what you legally own. Trust law: This type of law determines the right of another person or group of people to own something that the other person has legally given them. This law is very helpful in deciding which person or party must assume ownership of something based on what is stipulated in legally binding agreements in the past as there are those that really have no legal right. Tort law: When it comes to the rights of the citizens in one place, this will be the law that comprises them. There are times where certain issues arise that are not too clear which law they belong to, and this is where this law happens where a judge will have to decide what happens on a particular issue that is not guided by any law. Criminal law: Among the many laws that are out there, this is the most sought after law because of the recent criminal cases taking the world by storm. This law deals with the crime itself, the person suspected to do the crime, the victim of the crime, and what should happen to each of them. This type of law has piqued the interest among a lot of people because of what they see on the media. Constitutional law: This law comprises the basic laws that govern the nation as a whole and its politics.