How a Home Care Agency Can Help


Seniors often need help. Whether it’s managing an illness or simply getting the needed tasks done around the house, seniors are overwhelmed by what’s going on around them. With the help of a home care agency Greenwich CT residents get the help that they need.


Special Care

There may be some special care that can be provided by a home health aide. This includes help with changing out oxygen tanks, administering insulin, and even providing reminders to take different types of medication. When family and friends don’t live close to a senior, bringing a home health aide in periodically can ensure that the senior gets the care that they need in order to stay on top of medical conditions.



A senior may not be able to drive him or herself anymore. Whether it’s due to vision, neuropathy, or another condition, they have had their driver’s license taken away. However, a senior may still need to get to various locations, including doctors’ appointments. Home care providers can offer the necessary transportation to ensure that seniors are able to live their lives and go out and about periodically. Some providers can even take them shopping to get new clothes, gifts for family, and much more.


Homemaking & Companionship

Often, seniors need help with some of the basics, such as cooking meals or cleaning up after themselves. Home health aides can stop in to help with all of the different homemaking tasks. Plus, they can provide the much-needed companionship that seniors crave. Sometimes, a conversation or the time it takes to play a board game can be just what is needed to liven up a senior’s day.

Taking advantage of the services offered by a home care agency can make a difference with a senior to ensure that they get all of the care that is needed, either hourly or as a live-in care option.