A DNA Test To Determine Paternity

At times, there is a need to determine the paternity when it comes to a child. In such cases, a dna test would be the answer to the solution. This type of test will confirm whether or not the man in question is the biological father. In the human body, the genetic structure is inherited equally from both parents. The test only requires samples from the man in question and the child. Below, you can learn more about this particular test and what is involved in it.

As stated above, samples from the child and the man in question are only needed to establish paternity. However, the mother can be tested, this will only yield a higher probability of results. This is because they can isolate the mother’s DNA and pat more attention to the father’s DNA. With the mother’s DNA, the results could be very close to 100{037aef49a4ca1366ab9aded5675f252e7f852a6556e9ca9d2bf74969867d7f92}. This test is treated very confidentially, and is only sent by regular mail or by email, and only to the person who ordered the test in the first place.

The results of the test are usually ready in three to four business days of when the laboratory received the samples. In order to complete this test, a sample of saliva and cells are needed. The saliva and cells can be obtained with a swab from the inside of your cheek. Once ordered, the collection kit is sent to your home. With it, comes sterile equipment and directions. Collecting the samples are fast and easy, taking no more than 10 minutes. After the samples have dried for an hour, you can send them back to the lab for results.

This is a very easy way to determine paternity. It is fast and very accurate. It is not invasive, all it requires is a simple cotton swab on the inside of your cheek. Within a week, you can have the answer you have been waiting for. There is a cost to this type of test. There are many labs that offer the test. You can look around to see what lab is offering the test at the lowest price.