4 Ways to Love Yourself Now and Later

You’ve probably heard the adage that says you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself. In some respects, the saying rings true, but the quote as a whole is a little more complex than it sounds. It’s a common one that you would hear often in psychiatry or in packets of neuroscience training info. It’s possible to love someone if you have low self-esteem, but it’s easier on yourself if you have self-love for all the things that make you great. Keep reading for way to love yourself both now AND later.

Create a Bucket List of Must-Do Things and Adventures

Bucket lists are, albeit morbidly, referred to as the things you want to do before you die. It’s a great sentiment, but some things are more plausible than others. For instance, you might sooner take an amazing trip to Australia than you would catch a rocket to the moon. Your dreams are reason enough to love yourself, so make a bucket list of things that you consider adventurous must-dos. But be realistic.

Live the Life You Have

Everyone is dealt their own unique hand in life, and it’s your job to make the most of your proverbial cards. Poker-wise, you might fold, but realistically, you should play your hand and live the life you have. Sure, it’s okay to strive for bigger, better things, but don’t forget to appreciate what you have already.

Decorate Your Home to Make Yourself Happy

Interior design is an instant mood boost for people that consider their homes their sanctuaries. If your living room couch is a savior after a long day of work, then do up your whole house with décor that makes you happy. Choose colors that soothe your soul, like ocean blues and lavender purples, but keep bold, vibrant colors to accessories only. Your aim here is to strengthen the happy-inducing elements of your home décor.

Ixnay the Flaws and Accentuate the Perfections

You’ve heard this before but it’s no less true. You should ignore the negatives and accentuate the positives. Or, in other words, ixnay the flaws and accentuate the perfections. While no one is truly perfect, there are aspects of yourself that are close to perfection for who you are. Pay close attention to your positives because, more often than not, your negatives don’t matter.

Loving yourself should definitely be a goal, and it’s something you have to work on for the rest of your life. However, if you ever feel down and out, take a look back on this article to retrace your steps to self-love.